Flex Ringette

Flex Ringette for U16 & U19- Registration will open June 10 (open date pushed to June 10 )
We are excited to announce Ringette Calgary will have the option of Flex Ringette for U16 & U19 this season!  This will provide U16 & U19 players that not wanting the time commitment of Classic Ringette the opportunity to continue to play ringette with less time commitment.  Flex Ringette is separate from Classic Ringette and will be operated by Ringette Calgary, however players will still register through their home association.  Skaters may not register in both Flex and Classic Ringette- they must choose one or the other, with the exception, of goalies, who may play in both, however Classic Ringette teams will take priority.  Skaters in Flex Ringette may NOT affiliate to Classic Ringette. Flex Ringette is NOT drop in, the expectation is still 100% commitment, there is just less to commit too.  Flex Ringette will be approximately one game per week, with a consistent time and location.  Teams will be balanced based on division played previously.  Friend requests will be honoured as much as possible.  Jerseys will be provided by Ringette Calgary.  There will be no tournaments, no City Championships and no Provincials.  Flex Ringette is a work in progress.  We know we have much to learn but we will analyze as we go along and make changes where we can and continue to improve Flex Ringette for the future.  Questions about the Flex Ringette program can be directed to flex@ringettecalgary.ca.  Any issues with the registration system for Flex Ringette can be directed to bowviewadmin@shaw.ca.