Coaching Application

Why do Coaches need to fill out application forms?


Coach Applicants only need to fill out ONE of the following:

Head Coach Application- pdf Deadline August 15
Head Coach Application- fillable Deadline August 15

Assistant Coach Application- pdf
Deadline August 15
Assistant Coach Application- fillable
Deadline August 15

Junior Coach Application- pdf
Deadline October 5
Junior Coach Application- fillable Deadline October 5

Websites referenced in the Head Coach Application

Long Term Athlete Development Framework Document
True Sport Principles

Please email complete and SIGNED Coaching Application to the VP Coaches at

If you don‘t have a scanner- please use a free app that takes a photo of your document and turns it in to a PDF.  PDFs are much smaller files than photos.

It is an asset to have a valid Police Check on file with Bow View before Head Coaches are determined.

Police Check information here.

All Coaches must have a valid Police Check on file with Bow View no later than November 1 of the current season .  It is important to start this process before you submit your Coaching Application as the typical turn around time for Police Checks is 4 weeks. 
Police Checks are valid with Bow View Ringette Association for 3 years (effective 2013 Season) .  If you would like to check the status of your past Police Check or to request your Volunteer Letter to reduce the cost of your Police Check please email the Registrar.

All other coaching requirements including Ringette Calgary, Ringette Alberta and Ringette Canada Coaching Requirements can be accessed here

Any questions regarding your coaching application can be directed to the VP Coaches.

Expectations of potential Coaches during Evaluations
Volunteer bonds are currently covered for all head coaches, junior coaches, assistant coaches and managers.  The board is looking at whether this will continue to be feasible.  Coaches are some of our association‘s most knowledgeable members.  The commitment of our very skilled coaches is essential to a successful evaluation process.  There is an expectation that all potential coaches be involved either on ice- running drills, helping with Universal Athlete Assessments, or off ice acting as evaluators during Game Play Evaluations.